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Hunting Wear Group visited Bangladesh Garment FactoryUpdated:2017-05-10    Click:
Miss Minnie.Yang, The founder of Bowins Garment, and Martin & Roy, The hunting Clothing Manager of Taian Bowins garment Co.,  Ltd., visited garment factories in Bangladesh.  Three of us were accepted  a warmly  welcome from the administrative Team.
Ms Minnie expressed her views on the current situation of clothing manufacturing industry in China and Bowins’s strategy to cooperate with foreign company partners.

Miss Yang praised the fabric & garment industry layout in Bangladesh is highly forward looking. This group has made a great contribution to the country as well as the  warmhearted and hard working Bangladesh people. It has also set a great example for other companies in terms of management. The Company develops and oversees the implementation of a comprehensive system to manage effectively and efficiently. Frankly speaking, we will have more opportunities to cooperate with them for some suitable orders in the future.

The last not the least ,win-win situation will be made based on mutual undertanding and respect.

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