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Functional Garments Manufacturer – BOWINS GarmentUpdated:2019-04-18    Click:

Functional garments have higher functional properties and lesser aesthetic properties. As the leading functional garment designer, manufacturer, wholesaler and exporter, BOWINS Garment had been dedicated in custom designing, manufacturing and exporting functional garment to worldwide customers since its foundation 2007.  We have more than 300 professional employees and 15,000 square meters factory. More than 60 series 120 kinds of functional clothes had been manufactured to worldwide customers.

Product innovation and customer satisfaction are our continuous commitment to all our partners. Our innovative, high quality products include hunting clothing, workwear, motorcycle clothing, outdoor clothing, etc. Our partners are those famous functional clothing brands from America, Canada, Australia, Germany, England and other European Countries. 

We are not only manufacturing best quality functional garment but also providing professional custom design and fabrication service. OEM and ODM are also available.

Welcome to visit our functional garments factory.

Address:211 Changye Street Taishan District Shandong Province Taian City



Email:[email protected]


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